Sunday, January 15, 2006

What I learned in English Seminar!!

I have learnd in this English class during a half year, and I lerand about the diversity.
The interest about the other race and culture deepend and I understood the multicultural countries, for example, Canada.
I know more about the world, especially the people in the world who are discriminated against.
The diversity is good or not?
I think it may be good, because there is the difference there. That is to say, if there is the difference between the other people and me, I will think more about me. If the other people act differently from me, I would think "if I were you, I whould act this way!"
I think Enjoy the difference!!...too optimistic...?!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I have looked into progeria for my report in my English class.

Progeria is Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome. It is a rare genetic disease that accelerates the aging process to about seven times the normal rate. Children with progeria die of heart disease at an average age of thirteen years, with a range of about 8-21 years.

I thought about diversity of disability. People with progeria are not the same looks with us.
The looks of people with progeria are loss of body fat and hair, aged-looking skin, stiffness of joints, hip dislocation.

However, they are human too, of course. We don't need to think they are poor. They aren't poor.
The girl with progeria, Ashely, said "if I was born again, I would like to be myself."
She lives hard everyday rather than me.
We should build a society that the disability easy to live with them.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Today, I learned about a conflict of religions in my class.
I think that most Japanese people are hardly interested in religion and may have resistance in religion.
I think if there is no religion in the world, the world may become peaceful.
However, that's not so easy. Most people need religion. Religion is important to appreciate god.
Why do conflicts between religions occur? People have freedom of religion.
I think those who beleive in a different religion have to accept and esteem a partner each other.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

About immigrant!

Today I took a French class. My teacher told us about declining birth rate in Japan.
He said that Japan would be aging society and we might not be able to draw our pension.
There are some causes of declining birth rate in Japan. I think that increasing advance in society of a woman is the most problem in some of causes. I think that I want to work, too.
However, there will be many old people and few young people in the future of Japan, so we can't draw our pension under the same conditions.
Japan needs the labor force, so she may need immigrants. However, I think that Japan has resistance to foreigners, because Japan did not accept immigrants too much until now.
If the government takes a policy that accept immigrants, people are opposed to it.
My teacher said that France don't have resistance to immigration. It has a reason for geographical and the French think that those who speak French are French.
However, the Japanese don't have that idea, so Japanese government has to take some measures.
I think that I have to seriously consider about diclining birth rate in Japan

Thursday, October 06, 2005


I watached a TV program yesterday.
It's in Japanese "waratte-koraete."
The program picked up the students of Tanzania.
People in Tanzania were very pro-japanese persons.

The country area of Tanzania is twice that of Japan.
Most of the people are of Bantu origin representing 95%, with some 126 tribes on the mainland, others are of Asian, Arab and Afro-Arab and European.
The official language is Kiswahili. English is second official language.
More recently, Tanzanians have developed colourful paintings. That is called Tingatinga from the artist's name.This paintings about nature and daily aspects of life in Tanzania is now well known abroad as indigenous Tanzanian art.
I want this picture!!
And I want to know about Tanzania more.

Monday, October 03, 2005

My feeling about short animation

I saw the animation "Balablok" in English class today.
It was a wonderful animation. It was short, but the contents were deep.

At first square blocks and round blocks were different.
However, round blocks became square while they were fighting.
I felt sad when I saw they fought. I felt as if I watched the war.
Finally, square blocks made up with round blocks, so their appearance became the same.
The difference in appearance is easy to be made the object of discrimination, but I think that no one ethnic group is superior to other ethnic groups.
A triangle block appeared last. I think that it meant there were other race.
I hope this country of blocks will become to multiethnic society in which they can live together.

Sunday, October 02, 2005